Financial Services

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Financial services companies, including banks, IFA's, Trustee companies, life insurance companies, specialist insurance companies, Lloyds brokers and Lloyds Syndicate managers are users of Sage TimeSheet, with implementations rangeing from 10 to over 1,000 users recording.

These companies share a need for time tracking on activities, variously for project time tracking and costing, product time recording and costing, client profitability analysis, time billing and activity based costing.

Our financial services clients need a time tracking solution that meets their business requirements, and we find that Sage TimeSheet fulfills their need, regardless of the number of users, whether their requirement is inward facing or customer facing and for a variety of reporting requirements.

If you are in an insurance company, an insurance brokerage or other financial services company and need to track time and expenses to manage projects, cost products, or manage client profitability, contact us now to discuss how Sage TimeSheet could work for your business.